Write for us!

Hey there, are you willing to let your voice be heard to hundreds of people?If your answer is Yes then please contact me to write for this blog.

Contact me Here!
Twitter- @iamjustkel
Email- alwayskel@gmail.com


1.Though this is a 'small' blog we get about 20,000 views monthly(Even with little updates) so your voice is heard! Your thoughts on music and the entertainment culture is shared with hundreds of people!

2.You get to meet the cool people who come to this blog.Most of my online buddies are from Kelsnetwork,Twitter and Facebook!

3.This is a great way to use time if you are bored.You can update everyday,once a week,once a month or even once every two months.You are your own BOSS(Well somehow)!

4.If you secretly love stan wars,you can come here and create one!LOL ..You can post what ever you like(Well apart from pornography).

Unfortunately this site is not rich(*for now*),so this is a payless endeavor!
But please dont let this bring you down! You can use this as a stepping stone to let your voice be heard!

Please contact me if you want to become a Kelsnetwork Blogger!

Twitter- @iamjustkel
Email- alwayskel@gmail.com

UPDATE : Writing Positions Currently Unavailable! :(


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