Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Winning:Ciara Scores Top 40 debut!

Its been a long time coming! After 3 unsuccessful songs this era, Ciara latest single Body Party debuted this week on the Billboard Hot 100..Read more for exclusive details!

After releasing three unsuccessful songs last year,Ciara finally managed to secure a Hot 100 hit with her latest single Body Party! Party is this week's highest debuting single on the hot 100 and its high debut on the charts is due to Youtube hits (5 million views in a week),increased Itunes digital sales, increased rotation on urban radio and increased streaming on online music services (Spotify).

We are happy for Ciara! She hasnt secured a hit since her 2010 jam Ride  which peaked 42 on the charts!
Do you have any thoughts on this? Share em in the comments below!


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