Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Man Behind Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry...

Kelly Rowland shocked the world today with the release of her biographical single Dirty Laundry. Kelly sings emotionally about an abusive relationship and her issues with Beyonce...Read more to find out who abused Kelly!

Kelly was engaged to Roy Williams in the past but she called off her wedding so people instantly assumed that Roy was the one who Kelly was singing about but Roy tweeted who the real culprit was!
 According to Roy, Cuda love is the real culprit!
Cuda Love is on the left

 Cuda love is the man behind rapper Nelly's success.He discovered Nelly and helped him launch his career.It seems like Kelly met Cuda during the 'Dilemma' days and she suffered an abusive relationship with him.
What do you think of Kelly's Dirty Laundry ?


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