Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Are Moving! *Kelsnetwork's Fave Moments*

Its been a long time coming but we are finally there! We are taking that next giant step! On March 19th 2013 we will become CelebOverdose !!
Lets take a look at your favorite moments here on Kelsnetwork!

1.One of  our first most popular post was 'The Evolution of Rihanna'

Read Here: Evolution of Rihanna
This article was posted in 2011 and it was really popular at that time!

2. Another favorite was Celebrities without make up
Read Here: Celebs without Makeup
 This was another popular one! I guess people liked seeing celebs without makeup!

3. Another special one was our interview with Michelle Williams!
Read Here: KN Talks to Michelle Williams
 We got the chance to ask Michelle Williams a few dope questions!

Read Here: Bow and Omarion

'Flicks of Bow Wow and Omarion' became one of the most popular and controversial articles on this site!

5. Our Most Popular Post! 'Male Celeb Tease'
Read Here: Celeb Tease
This post went on to become the most popular post on Kelsnetwork.It gained lots of views and about a thousand people voted on the polls! 
 Romeo Miller won the poll with almost 500 individual votes!

Most popular celebrity on Kelsnetwork was.........
Kelly Rowland!
Rowland's articles attracted thousands of people to Kelsnetwork! Her most popular article was in 2011 when her lead single Motivation debuted on the Billboard Hot 100
Read here : Kelly Row debuts after 4 yrs

                         So what happens now?

 On March 19th will be no more :( ....However we will become ....Watch out for us!

Have any additions? Leave it in the comments!


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