Friday, March 22, 2013

Ice T pimping out Coco?

Sidebar reports that according to an email they received, this whole Ice T/Coco/Ap9 charade is just a bunch of BS for publicity and rating for their reality show and also to mutually help out AP.9′s non-existent career as a rapper, because apparently Ice T rents out Coco’s azz to the higher bidder on a regular basis and I hope he taking a good 10%-20% off the top.

Quoted below is the letter:

“Ice T and Coco have had an arrangement since their relationship first started, because he knew what he was getting into. She was an industry whore from the jump and Ice T took FULL advantage of her looseness by letting her go to whatever man white, black, …whatever that had enough money to pique his interest and Coco couldn’t be more excited to make the extra money which sometimes is 100′s of thousands considering she has a show in Las Vegas where a bunch of millionaire (old money) hangs out and willing to pay whatever to get a piece of that thick white cake. As far as Ap.9 situation it was a clearly a beneficial agreement to help his career and Coco’s. As you can see since the pictures surfaced they have been on a blog, news, tv atleast 3-4 times a week and Ap.9 is almost a household name for all the wrong reasons and Ice T hasn’t flinched at NONE of it, because he set the whole thing up himself. What man in their right mind would still be there if their wife were just out and about sleeping with no-name rappers for nothing? Its all staged. Trust me.”

At first i couldn't even imagine this, but it actually got me thinking.I mean, through-out all of this nonsense, Ice has been mum on the issue. We basically got no reaction from him whatsoever. I mean, dude are you blind and deaf? Don't you even see the photos all over the net or haven't you at least read what Ap9 did with your whore wife?


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