Friday, March 1, 2013

Breaking: French Montana Escapes Death!

Rapper French Montana was nearly gunned down last night in Philly.Read more for details..

According to MTO,
French Montana was involved in a shoot out last night in Philadelphia. French, his entourage and his security were hanging outside their tour bus signing autographs for fans - when a suspicious car drove by.
The occupants of the car pulled out MACHINE GUNS and opened fire on French and THE FANS. French and his people managed to escape UNHARMED, but two FANS were shot. A 27 year old male was shot in the stomach - and he DIED. A second fan was hit in the shoulder and is in stable condition.
How did French and them SURVIVE THE HIT???? Well, we hear that a person who was ALLEGEDLY with French managed to ALLEGEDLY pull a choppa out of the tour bus - and he ALLEGEDLY let the hitman have a few.
According to the streets, one of the hitmen should be showing up in the hospital with CHOPPER WOUNDS pretty soon.
It's not clear if this ASSASSINATION attempt had anything to do with the attempt on Ross' life.

The violence is just too much lately...Dont you think so too?


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