Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beyonce's Dress vs Jennifer's Dress

There was so much ridicule over what Jennifer Lopez wore at the recently held 55th Grammy Awards and i'm not even going to repeat what Joan Rivers had to say about it!

So, yes, i understand it was a bit inappropriate given that the celebrities had been warned against exposing too much flesh at the Grammies. J-Lo just has to understand that showing too much flesh does not make you look younger at all. To me, it screams mid-life crisis and a desperation to be seen or in better terms, attention whoring. When will the desperate hollyweird women get that less is more, especially on the red carpet?
However, the main reason for this post is not to lash out at J-Lo, but to bring out something of interest. Two/three months back, King Bey wore the same kind of outfit to the BET Awards and the papers and T.V. stations were quite about it. No-one even mentioned anything. The style is the same, one leg out and one arm out, yet the reaction is different. WHY??? Does that make Beyonce any more special than Jennifer Lopez?

I know the Bey stans are coming right at me so imma take my black ass out of here and go hide somewhere for now.


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