Saturday, December 1, 2012

Throwback: Celebs That Cause Air Pollution!

There is one thing common about these celebs! None of them live in Colorado yet they all love plants so much that they do things only Colorado folks are allowed to do! Read more for further explanation!

The celebs below love getting high as Trees!
1. Chris Brown

 Chris Brown sure loves his plants. Have you seen his lips lately?

2. Rihanna
               Are you surprised that Riri is on this list? Like seriously?

3. Drake
                                                        Drake causing air pollution
4. Wiz Khalifa
 Living young and wild and Free - Wiz on his Weed

5. Snoop Dogg
                                                       The master himself!

6. Soulja Boy
 Another weed head

7. Lil Wayne

Now my point,whatever these celebs do in their past time is their own business but do you think they should post pictures of themselves getting high online? Are they sending the right message to their millions of fans? What do you think? Dont forget to comment!
 S/O to Rihanna for being the only girl on the list!


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Bonus: Young talent