Wednesday, August 21, 2013

*Throwback* 16 OMG Moments from the 2013 Grammy awards!

The Grammys is probably the biggest event in the calender for all those who love music..The 2013 Grammys was a fun filled night with interesting performances! Read more to view our  fave moments from the show!

1. When Taylor Swift did that funny accent when opening theGrammys

2. When Jlo almost stole the show with her leg at the Grammys

3. When Fun. performed in the rainat the Grammys

4. When Ellen and Beyonce tried to make us laugh at the Grammys

5. When Justin Timberlake did this

 6. When Taylor Swift was singing along

7. When the rich guys got the free drinks at the Grammys

 8. When Chris Brown was dancing at the Grammys

9. When Alicia quit the piano for drums at the Grammys

10. When we were concentrating on Carrie's dress  instead of her voice

11. When we realized Adele was still slaying in 2013

12. When we noticed Katy Perry was boobylicious

 13. When we enjoyed Frank Ocean's visual effects but wished he had performed Thinkin Bout U instead

14. When this happened

15. When Prince walked on stage like a true male Diva!

16. When Kelly Rowland succeeded in stealing the whole show with her banging body!
What was your fave moment? Dont forget to comment!


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