Thursday, January 30, 2014

*ThrowBack* Sexiest Celeb Billboards!

Gone are the days where celebs gained fortune only from album sales and tours!In recent years, many celebs have teamed up with brands such as Pepsi,Blackgama and more to promote their products. So today,we take a look at the sexiest celeb billboards.Read more for your viewing pleasure!

1. Beyonce 's Pepsi Billboard

2. Janet Jackson's  Black Glama Billboard

3. Rihanna's Rebelle Fragrance Billboard

4. Kelly Rowland 's Tw Steel Watches Billboard

5. Lady Gaga 's Fame Fragrance  Billboard

6. Nicki Minaj 's Stan's Bathroom Billboard

Who owned the billboard? Kelly Rowland Vs.Rihanna Vs. Lady Gaga Vs.Beyonce Vs. Janet Jackson Vs. Nicki Minaj?
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