Monday, January 28, 2013

Lady Gaga says a prayer for those involved in the Brazil nightclub fire!

You and I singer Lady Gaga tweeted a picture of her praying for lives lost following the fire outbreak in a club in Brazil...Read more for details

Gaga tweeted,
‘Sending my prayers to the families and friends who lost loved one in the fire in Brazil. Im thinking of you today during this tragedy.’

232 people lost their lives in this unfortunate incident.
Up to 2,000 people - mostly students - were in the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria, southern Brazil, when the fire started.
While the official cause of the blaze has not been stated, local reports claim it was sparked by a firework set off during a band's performance.
Most of the victims died of suffocation or were trampled in a stampede for the venue's only emergency exit, police said.
- DailymailUK

We here at Kelsnetwork send our condolences to the families of the bereaved. 


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