Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kels Flick:R.Kelly,Justin Bieber,Kanye West,Chris Brown and more!

In today's edition of Kels Flick we bring you exclusive pictures of Justin Bieber,Kanye West,Chris Brown and more! Read more to view pics!

Justin Bieber Chilling with R.Kelly
R.Kelly  was spotted hanging out with Justin Bieber....Are working on a record together???

                                                R&B singer Mario was spotted in his timbs.

Kanye West
                                               Kanye West was spotted without a skirt on....

                                    Chris Brown was spotted with wavy hair and ashy lips...

                                Beyonce was spotted saying hi to Michelle Obama before/after her 'supposed' lip synched National anthem performance..

Do you believe Beyonce actually lipped the national anthem? Dont forget to comment below!


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