Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Goodies: Beyonce,Alicia Keys,Kelly Clarkson and more!

Today is a great day! Barrack Obama was sworn to presidency today and  we all turned on our t.v to watch the President's speech! But at the back of our minds we were wondering if Beyonce would slay the national anthem....Dont lie I know you were thinking about that too..Read more to watch the Inguration day performances from Beyonce,Kelly Clarkson and more!

Kelly Clarkson performs "My Country Tis of Thee'

Beyonce performs the national anthem'

Alicia Keys performs 'Girl on fire' during the Inaugural ball

Jennifer Hudson sings "Lets stay together' for the first dance.

Now our question is what were you looking forward to most today? The President's swearing in/speech or these performances? Dont forget to comment!

                                  Congrats Obama! We are proud to have you as a President!


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Bonus: Young talent