Monday, January 14, 2013

GRAB DEM BOOBS: Celebs who have been inspired by Janet Jackson! by Janet Jackson!

In 1993,Janet Jackson shocked everyone  by covering Rolling Stone magazine topless,with only a man's hands covering her goodies.Fast Forward to two decades later and several celebs have been 'inspired' by Janet's iconic cover. So today we take a look at celebs who took of their tops in honor of Janet. Read more to feast your eyes on the raunchy pics!

1. Christina Millian

2. Teyana Taylor
 3. Melanie Brown (Spice girls)

4. Evelyn  Lozada 
This post is dedicated to TheDimplePuppet , the dopest Janet Jackson fan I know.

So now our question is who looked better in the 'Jackson' pose? Dont forget to comment!


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Bonus: Young talent