Monday, January 7, 2013

Benefits Of Eating Garlic!

Is getting a smelly breath really beneficial to your health? Read more to find the answer to this question!
Garlic has been used for fighting ailments for centuries! Below are  some of the Benefits for eating Garlic!

1. Garlic Can Help Lower Blood Cholesterol
 Research shows that garlic reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure!

2. Garlic Help Fight Colds.
Garlic may boost the body's ability to fight cold. Russians have been eating garlic to stay healthy for centuries!

3. Cancer Protection
Research  shows that in areas where garlic eating is highest, prostate cancer incidence is lower.

      Overdose Cooking Recommendation - Blend a little garlic and onions  and rub it around your chicken with salt and/or pepper before roasting it. This will give the chicken a nice garlic flavor!


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