Friday, December 14, 2012

Songs Of the Moment!

Hey folks!I have been a bit busy so its been a while since this site got updated.I can assure you that I have surprises coming up!Anyway, there have been a couple of songs I have been jamming to lately and I decided to share it with you all today..Read more for my songs of the moment!

1. Rihanna - Stay
I have been sprung on this song since Riri performed it on SNL. This song tells a typical story of a lovebird who cant live without his or her partner.This song puts to shame anyone who questions Rihanna's vocal ability.

2. Tamar Braxton - Love & war
This song proved to the world that R&B wasn't dead by rising to the top spot of the Itunes charts in 12 hrs after its release.The song is a beautiful R&B song laced with soulful vocals from Toni Braxton's younger sister.For a reason i cant explain, this song seems like a cousin to Keyshia Cole's Trust and Believe.

3. Ne-yo - Let me love you
When this song first came out I didn't bother to listen to it because I thought it would sound like a regular Ne-yo pop song like Beautiful monster. However i managed to hear it a couple of weeks ago and i have been in love with it since! This song is what you can really call a true Pop and R&B infusion!

4.Brandy - No such thing as too late
Oh dear Brandy,Thank you for another solid album.I am still trying to figure out whether I love Human more than Two Eleven or vice versa. However Two Eleven certainly boasts of good songs and No such thing is one of them!

5.Future ft. Kelly Rowland- Neva End (Remix)
If you have been wondering why Kelly Rowland has been a US trending topic for the past few days then I am letting you know it is because of this jam.Every time the video for Neva End is played on 106 and park people go into a tweeting frenzy! This song is certainly a grower and Miss Kelly always impresses!

Anyway I am looking for writers for this blog.If you want to share your voice with readers please click here .Its Christmas,help put a smile to peoples' faces by contributing to this blog.

What  do you think of the songs?Dont forget to comment!


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