Monday, December 31, 2012


Its that time again when I share the songs I listened to most in the past year..Read more to see the songs that were constantly rotated on my Ipod in 2012!

10. Do you think of me - Misha B
Have you ever wondered if someone thought of you as often as you did of the person? Misha's vocals and the song's message definitely made this song one of the bests of 2012.The video was also exceptional,exploring a Father-daughter relationship.

9. Put it down - Brandy ft. Chris Brown
In 2012 Brandy returned to the music scene with one of the biggest R&B singles of the year.Put it down reminded the world of Brandy's vocal talent and Chris Brown's rapping skills.

8. Adorn - Miguel
I experienced the power of the radio this year.I honestly disliked this song when i first heard it but after hearing it so many times on the radio, I start humming it and the song gradually swept me away. Miguel definitely brought R&B back this year with Adorn.

7.Tonight (Best you ever have) - John Legend ft. Ludacris
Bragging! That is something guys just love to do and John Legend sings brilliantly about it! This song got stuck in my head after watching #1 Box office movie  Think like a man.

6.Beneath your Beautiful - Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande
Heartwarming- That is all i can say to describe this beautiful song. #EnoughSaid

5. Diamonds - Rihanna
 Shine bright like a Diamond! That's my motto for 2013! Rihanna delivered vocally on this song! Who ever doubted Rihanna's vocals is put to shame with this song.

4. Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean 
Not many male singers can sound the way Frank Ocean did in Thinkin bout you. This laid back R&B jam is beautifully laced at certain sections with Frank's smooth falsetto vocals.This song is also one of 2012's best products.

3. Ice - Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne
Not many R&B singers can sing seductively and sound so flawless! Kelly Rowland delivered vocally with Ice. Although  Ice seems like a twin of Kelly's own hit single Motivation, it is equally sizzlying and entertaining.

2. Who you are - Jessie J
Though this song is a 2011 release,I was mesmerized by it in 2012.The message behind the song is simple yet so big...."Just stay true to who you are". Don't let me even start on how incredible Jessie sounded in this song!

                     1. Usher - Climax                   


This song is one of Usher's best in years.The vocals were breathtaking in this song.You could feel the emotion and soul as Usher sang his way over the Diplo produced beat.This is definitely my favorite from 2012. Whats your favorite songs? Dont forget to comment!


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