Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alicia Keys Scorches on Essence!

Alicia Keys looks very much like a girl on fire on the cover of the January 2013 issue of Essence magazine! Read more for how Hurricane Sandy affected her life!

The Girl on fire songstress talked to the magazine about being unprepared for the wrath of Sandy. “After the third or fourth tuna fish sandwich, and after we learned we’d be without power for a week, I called my mother, who lives Uptown. She was okay and hadn’t lost any power, so we ended up going to her house. We were pretty lucky.”

The sneakers above are Alicia's cool Reebook sneakers! Click on the image for more info for them.....They are actually really dope! Dont you think so too?

And below are our fave Alicia Essence covers!
                                                    June 2011 cover

                                                        June 2008 cover

1.Are you feeling the sneakers?  2.Whats your fave cover? Dont forget to comment!


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