Monday, October 8, 2012

Kelly Rowland's 'Year of the Woman' : Kelsnetwork Exclusive!

Today we bring you exclusive details surrounding Kelly Rowland's fourth Studio album Year of the Woman...Read more for exciting info!

1. Ice The first single from the album has already peaked #100 on the Hot 100 and #26 on the R&B charts... However it will be released to Rhythmic stations on October 18 and it will receive video treatment soon after!

2. When the album is going to be released : The album will be released in the first quarter of 2013(Between January and April) to enable better promotion of the album.

3. Promotion : Kelly is looking for male singers to create a male band consisting of male singers, dancers and the lot for live performances and maybe video shoots.

4. Buzz : Kelly's official website,twitter and Facebook pages will information about the album to create buzz.

5. Album Title : The album title  Year of the Woman was a popular label attached to 1992 after the election of a number of female Senators in the US.Thus Kelly chose the title to represent Female Empowerment!

 Are you anticipating the album? Dont forget to comment!


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