Friday, September 7, 2012

That Favorite Clothing : The Kelly Rowland Edition!

Every week at Kelsnetwork, we try and introduce something new to keep YOU to come back to this awesome blog! So Today,we are debuting a brand new segment called 'That Favorite Clothing'... You know everyone has that particular clothing whether a t shirt,a coat or even a pair of jeans that you love wearing always...Well,celebs have them too! This week we start with the fabulous Kelly Rowland and her favorite coat! Read more for more info!

Singer Kelly Rowland sure loves her Alexander McQueen black Coat...She has been spotted on different occasions wearing it!
In the pic above, Kelly walks down the streets of Paris

Kelly wears her fave clothing after a night out!

She even completes her outfit with a cowboy's hat on a different occasion

Rowland shoots a video for her song Keep it Between us in Paris in that same coat!

What is your favorite clothing? Please Tell me in the comments! And make sure you come BACK to this blog because the next edition will be as equally as epic!


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