Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rihanna's Reign ... Letting Up or Getting Stronger?

With news breaking of Rihanna's upcoming single and album in the works, the pop world is bound to find something significant or eventful taking place on Rihanna's 7th outing since 2005.  Many question Rihanna's status, while others label her the biggest Pop star in music at the moment.  Those that believe Rihanna is becoming a phenomenon are met with opposition from others who swear Rihanna's "reign" is the weakest they've ever witnessed.  Let's crack open the debate:  Here we'll recognize #TeamFenty as those that stand for Rihanna (the Pop Princess) and #TeamNotImpressed, which speaks for itself.

Is Rihanna shaping up to be a Superstar? Read more to find out!

#TeamFenty:  Rihanna owns 11 Hot 100 #1's#TeamNotImpressed:  Thanks to T.I., Eminem, collaborations with bigger artists (Britney) and .79cents Discount Mark Offs

#TeamNotImpressed:  Rihanna released 6 albums and never obtained a #1 in the world's biggest market (the U.S.)
#TeamFenty:  Rihanna ranked as Billboard's #2 artist of last year.  She sells more than most artists worldwide on occasions (GoodGirlGoneBad, 7 Million - Loud, 8 Million).

#TeamNotImpressed: Rihanna's concerts/performances are not to be desired and her tours don't often sell out.
#TeamFenty:  Rihanna's Loud Tour has generated 90 Million.

#TeamFenty:  Rihanna is the Queen of Social media - Facebook (53 Million, 2nd to Eminem), YouTube (2 Billion + views second to Justin Bieber) and Twitter (25 Million + followers, 4th place).
#TeamNotImpressed: Is Rihanna the Queen of Forbes?  ... Does any of those things translate into sales (again, no #1 album)?
#TeamFenty:  Rihanna made the Forbes list - on The Forbes Celebrity 100 list she placed at #4.
#TeamNotImpressed: After an album featuring a #1 hit for 10 weeks, endorsements (Nivea , Vita Coco), a new fragrance (Reb'l Fleur) and 85 dates from her world tour she brings in a skimpy 53 million. 360 Deal.

#TeamFenty:  Rihanna's only getting bigger and better.  She's the best selling digital downloading artist of all time (47.5 million)!
#TeamNotImpressed: ... Bigger & Better? Her track record for each era: Flop (Music of The Sun), Flop (A Girl Like Me), Hit (Good Girl Gone Bad), Flop (Rated R), Hit (Loud), Flop (Talk That Talk).  Her top selling album 'Good Girl Gone Bad' has only sold an underwhelming 2.7 million copies to date (U.S.).  Digital downloading has legally only been available since the late 2000's, legends from the 80's & 90's were not even able to compete for this.

#TeamFenty: Rihanna has been a household name since 2005, she's even beat out Madonna's record for earning 20 Top 10 singles in the shortest amount of time on the Billboard Hot 100 (now 22).
#TeamNotImpressed: Refer to the top of this argument.

Whether you're #TeamFenty or TeamNot Impressed, 7 years later we are still eyeing what Rihanna does next (inside the singer's first decade in music).  What we all can agree on is that this story is far from finished.

Written By RoyalKev For Kelsnetwork


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