Monday, December 10, 2012

'Ass Grabbing'

Ass grabbing on stage is something that happens every once in a while on by celebrities to entertain fans and to make performances more sexier! However is this act really appropriate ? Today we take a look at our fave celebs who have got their ass grabbed on stage! Read more to view pics of Beyonce,Rihanna,Nicki Minaj and more getting their behinds touched in inappropriate ways!

                               Jay - Z pats Beyonce's ass during a Bet awards performance!

                         Rihanna 's butt gets grabbed by ASAP rocky during the 2012 Bet awards!

Trey song's grabs Kelly's ass while performing with her during the 2011 Bet Awards
                                  Rihanna grabs Nicki minaj's behind during an awards show
Now our Question is - Is it appropriate to be touching all over someone's booty on a live show with kids probably watching  OR its just a mere way artistes use to entertain fans so there is nothing wrong with it ? Dont forget to comment!

BONUS : Watch the funniest video on youtube below!


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