Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kels Flick: Kelly Rowland,Gaga,Usher and more!

In Today's edition of the popular KelsFlick section,we bring you pictures of Lady Gaga,Kelly Rowland,Usher and more which were taken recently..Read more to view exclusive pics!

                                                 Gaga Tries on a wedding dress
    "It's my best friends wedding she made us try on dresses! BRIDESMAIDS VERA Baby," Gaga wrote on her website along with the pic of her and two pals, all of whom looked primed for a walk down the aisle.
                                           Omarion reps  Maybach Music Group
                               Usher posts a picture of himself performing on facebook

Kelly Rowland tweets her dinner of sweet potato soup with Indian ground chicken lettuce wraps..

 Our big question is would you eat Kelly's food if it were offered to you? Dont forget to tell me in the comments!


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Bonus: Young talent