Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VIDEO DAY with Nicki Minaj,Trey Songz and more!

In today's segment of video day,we bring you five of the freshest videos around the web.. Read more to view new videos from Nicki Minaj,Bobby V, Trey Songz, Estelle and Miguel..

1. Nicki Minaj - Pound the alarm

Nicki takes us to a carnival in her new video

2. Bobby V ft. Lil Wayne - Mirror

Bobby V shows us his Sisqo/Chris Brown haircut in his new video

3.Miguel - Adorn

Miguel thrills us with 'Adorn'

4. Estelle - Wonderful life

Estelle gives us a wonderful time!

5. Trey Songz - Simply Amazing

Trey shows us that love can be simply amazing..

What are your thoughts on the videos? Don't forget to comment!


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