Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tears from a Grateful Heart : The Colorado Cinema Shooting!

This is a very personal post...Last Thursday something disastrous happened in Colorado,America.Something so sad and senseless.What will prompt a human being to go into a cinema in a mall to kill so many people? Read more to view my side of the story;

My side of the story is a rather grateful one. It was a week after my little sister's 11th birthday and my mum was taking her and her friends to see a movie in the Colorado mall as a treat. It was the same place and day that James Holmes, a PhD student at the University of Colorado, shot 70 people which left 12 dead for no understandable reason.
However my mum changed her mind at the last minute since one of my sister's friend's family was going to church and she believed that the movie they were going to watch would end late.My mum got into an argument with my little sister because my sister wanted to go to see the movie.Little did they know that it was God who saved them at the last minute.. So as the title goes,my heart is grateful to God for saving my family and my tears go to all the innocent Lives that were lost on that faithful Thursday evening.

God is real, and he talks to us in so many ways...Open your heart and listen when he does!
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