Saturday, October 5, 2013

Morning Beauty: Celebrities without makeup!

In today's post, we look at fresh faced beauties with no make-up on... Read more to view exclusive pictures of Beyonce,Ciara ,Rihanna,Kelly Rowland and more with no make up on...

1. Rihanna without make up.
 Barbadian Belle Rihanna shares a picture of herself via instagram.

2. Beyonce Knowles without make up.
  Awoken from a beauty sleep, Beyonce waves fans from a hotel balcony.

3. Tyra Banks without make up.
 Media mogul and former model Tyra Banks shows us her natural beauty..

4. Kelly Rowland without makeup
Kelly Rowland gives us some motivation with her beautiful smile!

5. Ciara without make up
Ciara also continues to awe us with her smile.

6. Lauren London without make up
The fresh faced actress takes a stroll in town.

Anyway whats your fave picture? Tell me in the comments!


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