Saturday, December 31, 2011


It was really difficult compiling this list because there have been several songs that have been on rotation on my ipod this year ...So after a lot of thinking, i compiled the top 10 songs i listened to most during 2011..Read on to view the list.

1.Motivation –Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne
When I first heard it, I didn’t really like it but I fell in love with it after listening to it two or three times. It is such a beautiful R&B song and Kelly’s amazing voice with Weezy’s killer lines with made this song my best of 2011.

2.Someone like you - Adele
This ballad is simply amazing.  That is all am going to say.

3. Best thing I never had- Beyonce

Have you ever been in a situation that you thank God that you left your ex. If your answer is yes, then you should understand why this is on my list.

4.Look at me now –Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne
2011 showed as that Chris Brown can rap, Weezy is a wonderful rapper and Busta Rhymes  is a sick rapper.

5.I was here-Beyonce
Everyone wants to leave a legacy. Listening to Beyonce sing about this is phenomenal.

6. Castle made of sand –Pitbull ft. Kelly Rowland  and Jamie Drastik.
Listening  to Pitbull rap about his struggles alongside Kelly’s singing inspired me to put this song on this list.

7. World cry- Lloyd ft. R.Kelly , Keri Hilson & K’naan
When three musicians come together to sing about sorrows of the world, it sounds wonderful.

8.December- Olivia
The most underrated song of the year by former G unit member just had to be on this list.

9.Run the World – Beyonce
The beat and video of this song had so much energy in it so I had to add it to this list.

10.Where you at – Jennifer Hudson
Question :What happens when Jennifer Hudson sings a song written by R.Kelly?
Answer : Magic

What do you think of the list? Are there some songs that deserved to be on it that aren't on it? Tell me in your comments.


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