Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

The date 9/11 will forever remain in hearts of Americans as a sad one .... Ten years after the tragedy , it still seems like it was just yesterday that we saw the world trade center engulfed in flames.... Read more to view heartfelt twitter tributes by Weezy, Diddy, Nicki Minaj and more after the jump..

Kim Kardashian tweeted, “My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by the awful tragedy of 9/11.”
Khloe Kardashian also expressed, “God bless all of those who were affected by 9/11. You and your families will forever be in our prayers.”

Diddy offered, “God Bless all who effected by 9-11.”

Ashley Tisdale wrote, “Today I will remember and say a prayer for all the families and people effected by 9/11.”

Lil Wayne wrote, “Remembering those we lost on this unforgettable day. God bless their families and may their souls rest in peace.”

Enrique Inglesias wrote, Sending my love and thoughts to all the victims of 9/11. My heart goes out their families and all the heroes of that day - Enrique

Big Sean  wrote, Remembering 9/11... What a tragedy

Nicki Minaj : Sending my love to the victims of 9/11. Remembering the heroism. The brave men & women. The troops. We become alive in the time of fear.

Kelsnetwork: The lives lost on that fateful day will forever be remembered and we pray that the good Lord will restore happiness to the families that lost their beloveds on that day.

Where were you on that fateful day...Please share with us your messages and stories in the comments!


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