Friday, July 1, 2011

TRINA: I'm NOT Pregnant & I Love My Curves So F*CK OFF!

It looks like Trina got extremely pissed at the pregnancy rumors that circulated a few days ago while filming her new video Hit it right. Read what she had to say below

To whom it may concern, I am my own woman, make my own money, pay my own bills... Don't ask anybody for shit so therefore FUCK off!!!
I will NOT ever be 100 pounds.. So if that's what y'all want #killyoself I have and will always be a woman with curves! And I LOVE them...
I DO not take diet pills or any other crash diets to lose weight! I work out like normal people so if I gain a few pounds so FUCKIN what!!!
Every woman is NOT suppose to look like a dammn broomstick! I'm very comfortable i'n my own skin with all my curves and assests! #thanksmom
I DON'T give a shit about no blogs or none of u HATERS!! I'm so important i'n your eyes that's the reason u take the time to talk shit!
Now back to what's important!! *presses play on bey cd  and turns the volume up* #kissmyentirea$$ all of it!!!!!!!!!

At least Trina has a natural bootylicious body  unlike a certain *coughs* pink painted barbie


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