Wednesday, April 20, 2011


They’re both heavy hitters individually but are Beyonce and Rihanna getting ready to take the Billboard charts by storm with a collaboration?

Citing an unnamed “insider,” gossip music site M Is For Music says that the collaboration is the result of a discussion Rihanna and Beyonce had during this year’s Grammy awards. The source claims the duo have set aside time to record the duet together which will appear on Beyonce’s new studio album in June.
Although the rumored track has yet to be recorded, the anonymous source is jumping the gun, proclaiming that the song “will be a number one smash hit for sure.”
While there is no solid information pointing to the Rihanna/Beyonce duet, it isn’t hard to believe it would be a chart topper with their track records. Rihanna has just secured her 10th No. 1 single with her song S&M and Beyonce has been topping the charts for over a decade. Her latest, Girls (Who Run The World), is already picking up impressive airplay.     - Neon limelight
So folks what do you think?


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