Saturday, April 9, 2011


Do you wanna know why these stars work their asses off? click to find out why....

It's all about COMPETITION.  At least that's the case acccording to a new report from MSNBC.  The reason Rihanna and Beyonce are always out promoting or working on a new album, movie, fragrance or commercial is the general belief in the industry that if you don't go H.A.M. for at least a full three years, your adoring tweensters will forget about you and move on to the new big "pop" diva.  I personally believe it has something to do with a certain level of TRUE talent--not just the talent of being stylish and controversy-causing and beautiful--that is lacking these days.
According to MSNBC, one expert said:
"As a newer artist, RiRi is still hustling to establish herself," says independent music and social media marketer Lisa Jenkins.  "Emerging pop artists understand that the more hits they have on the radio, the more love the fans will give them, and the better their career longevity will be."
It's a phenomenon that doesn't necessarily translate to other music genres, such as country or rock, where bands are generally understood to have less competition and therefore, the thinking goes, more time to unspool their music.
MSNBC continued,
"In the pop music business, it's standard for a new talent to work for at least three years straight before taking any kind of break--just to fend off all the other pop tartlets who want that same crown. In fact, three years is considered the standard for any emerging pop diva.
(Between her first solo release and her ascension to film stardom in Dreamgirls, Beyonce worked nearly nonstop for almost exactly three years. And there's a reason why relative newcomer Lady Gaga nearly collapsed during a New Zealand performance last year; she's been working like an animal since her debut studio album came out--less than three years ago.)"

That's a far cry from the past.  Fans of the old school might remember that TLC took off four years in between their debut album and their sophomore smash CrazySexyCool.  Now....can you imagine Beyonce going three years without putting out anything?  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
So as pop music gets more competitive, and by "competitive" we're not necessarily talking about talent, our ladies have to work harder to stay relevant.  The pop music biz is not a playground for the weary.
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