Friday, April 22, 2011


Lindsey Lohan spent yesterday relaxing  before going to court today...Read more after the jump

Lohan, who had turned down an earlier plea deal on the matter, had sought to get the hearing pushed back, citing religious beliefs and today being Good Friday. The judge apparently was not persuaded by Lohan's attempt to put off the hearing.
Commenting on Lohan's case, former prosecutor Robin Sax told "Good Morning America" that the best defense was "a strategy of delay."
"The real reason that a criminal defendant postpones a case is to hope that people lose interest, that evidence gets lost, that people don't care and that the case could go away," she said.
Lohan, 24, was arraigned in February on one felony grand theft charge. She is accused of stealing a necklace from Kamofie & co., a Venice, Calif., jewelry store, Jan. 22.
So do you think she really stole that necklace?


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