Monday, March 7, 2011

A list on my ipod

Over the weekend i had some songs playing over and over again on my ipod so i decided to share it

LOOK AT ME NOW-Chris brown ft. Busta Rhymes & lil wayne

I must say I really miss the old chris brown "with you" days but in this song he showed his rapping side.Cjris has proved himself as a versatile artist who has experimented with all kinds of music from r&b to pop to electronic and now rap

MOTIVATION-Kelly Rowland ft.Lil Wayne
          This song has been around the blogs this is a drift away from the dance music that we all heard from Kelly in the past year.the Rico love penned jam also features weezy who delivers a spectacular rap verse towards the end.Its rumored to be the lead single of Kelly's still-as-of-yet untitled album due this year.

RUNAWAY-Bruno Mars
          This guy never stops surprising me.This is a song you listen to when you wish you could disappear for a moment with someone you love to forget all the troubles of this world.Its a beautiful song by Bruno that sound 'amazin' as usual

                       I was completely surprised when i heard this ballad for the first time on Rihanna's loud. She really killed the song because her vocals were on point.The words of the song are also very special talking about someone you miss dearly.I think this is one of the standout tracks on LOUD.         


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