Sunday, March 6, 2011


10 year old singer Willow i still ''trying have fuuuun'' She is currently the opening act for justin bieber's uk tour. she told folks she fell asleep when she first met jay
When I met with him (Jay-Z) in Japan I was so tired because I was hanging out the night before
and had been dancing and having fun and I didn’t know we had to meet Jay-Z that next morning so I went to sleep at, like, 4 am and I fell asleep in the meeting!
I had glasses and so I was, like, nodding along, but they were listening to the song and he was just talking to my mom and dad. But I was really tired. I was probably asleep for, like, 10 minutes of it. But I didn’t miss anything (really good), that’s the cool part I only missed the parts where he was explaining to my mom and dad where we’re gonna be going and when we were gonna drop the single, stuff like that — although I guess that’s important. But we got to hear all the songs they had for me, we have a lot of bombs to drop. It’s gonna be like ‘boom’.


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