Monday, December 20, 2010


Many fans of kelly expected 2010 to be her best year in music....She had potential hit songs including rose colored glasses, grown woman and my personal favourite ,the club banging dance single commander.Though Commander was a major top ten hit in the UK and other european countries,it failed to chart on the hot 100.However commander was a top 5 dance hit in a lot countries peaking #1 in US dance,#2 in UK dance.The problem is that Commander was not as successful as people thought would be.Kelly also recollaborated with Nelly on Gone(dilemma part 2) but the song has still not been picked for a single release.Her epic collaboration with Uk based rapper Tinnie Tempah on Invincible is now rising on the charts in Uk.The long and short of this is Kelly Rowland did not command or rule 2010.However sources claim she is reworking on her 3rd album due february next year with a brand new single dubbed "make believe".THe big question is will 2011 be Ms.Kelly's year or not? Will beyonce's album next year kick Ms kelly outta spotlight or is next year going to unravel kelly as a Commander.


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